Brad Kato
33 Oak Street
Rhinebeck, New York 12572

Tall vases are 11 to 12 inches high and about 3.5 inches wide at the widest
point. Shapes available are:
Classic: Widest near the top but narrowing to an opening of 2.5 inches.
Almond: Widest in the middle with a narrower mouth and foot.
Flare: Bulbous base with a narrow neck and flaring, trumpet-like mouth.
Round: Spherical vase, about 6 inches in diameter.
Flare Small:Shorter version with 3 small lugs.
French Small New: Shorter version with rose or lug decorations

Vase Glaze Styles
: Brushwork grass pattern on grey-white background.
Banded Grass: Same as above, but with a brown and green band around the
middle with the grass design beginning above the band.
Leaf: Incised leaf pattern on a grey-green background.
Blue Leaf: Blue white-veined leaves on a white background.
Blue and White: Wax-resist design on a blue background.
Dark Blue: A dark blue glossy variegated cobalt glaze.

Available in above designs

Glaze styles not available on vase or other vertical thrown forms.
Dragonfly in flight over grasses
Dragonfly2: Dragonfly resting on grasses.
Landscape Pines: Sea, hills, sky, and pine trees.
Landscape Hardwood: Sea, hills, sky, and twisted tree.
Field: Hills, hedgerows, pines, and a cabin.
Daisies: Leaves and flowers
Wave: Breaking wave.
Sky: Clouds, sky, and distant birds.

Covered Boxes:$44
Covered boxes are six inches in diameter and four inches high. They are
reasonably oven proof and come with decorated lids. Designs available are:
Dragonfly 1&2, Landscapes, Field, Daisies, Wave, and Sky, as described

Platters are 13-14 inches inches in diameter and 1.5 to 2 inches deep, /they
come with a detachable plate hanger and are available in Dragonfly 1&2,
Landscape, Field, Daisies, Wave, Sky, and Wildflower designs.

Available in Grass or Leaf

Pottery Price List Page 2

Pitchers are 11 inches high, holding about a quart. Available in Grass,
Leaf, Blue Leaf, and Dark Blue.
Mirrors are 16 inches high, and 6.5 inches wide, and come ready to hang on
any hook suitable for your wall. Available in Dragonfly 1, Grass, Landscape,
Wave, and Daisies.
Lamps:Tall Lamps $69
Tall Lamps are 11-12 inches high plus height of fittings, height of complete
lamp about 22-24 inches with my shades. Available in Grass, Banded Grass,
Leaf, and Dark Blue.
Lamps:Round Lamps $64
A more ball-shaped lamp, about 7 inches wide by 6 inches high, about 16
inches tall with my style of shades. Same glaze selections as Tall Lamps.
Shades for lamps:
Sizes give top diameter*bottom diameter*length of material on side(not
Large Shade(9*15*10) for Tall Lamp $24.
Small Shace(7*12*9) for Round Lamp $22.
Pasta Bowls:$72
14 inches in diameter and about 4 inches deep. Grass and Leaf Patterns.
Wine Coolers:$56
Cylindrical vase with clay loops to which is attached a cane handle. Will
hold a champagne bottle, same design as vases.
French Vase:Large $56:Small $44
Cylindrical vases with flaring tops and side loops. Currently available in
Grass and Dark Blue.

Brad Kato Pottery
33 Oak Street
Rhinebeck, NY 12572